Teachers of hearing impaired and speech therapists were trained to work with SCENAR

A training seminar “Application of SCENAR in the complex therapy of hearing-speech disorders” was held on September 7 – 8, in Rostov-on-Don. This is the author’s technique, which was developed by request of the CPE ANCO* “Institute of Hearing and Speech”.

The authorship of this method belongs to Dr. Irina Grebenyuk, PhD in medical science, an audiologist-otorhinolaryngologist and Dr. Boris Kulizhsky, a physiologist of RITM OKB ZAO, psychologist, scientific assistant at DEGAT e.V.

The technique can be used as part of the complex medical and pedagogical rehabilitation of patients with hearing impairments, speech impairments and complex impairments of various etiologies.

The first hands-on training on the application of the technique took place in Rostov-on-Don, in the MasterSlukh medical centre. (link to website) This is a network of specialized medical centres that deals with audiology, rehabilitation and hearing correction. The participants of the seminar came to Rostov-on-Don from different cities: Sochi, Stavropol, Kaliningrad, Rostov and Taganrog. 12 specialists (teachers of the deaf and speech therapists) of the network of clinics learned basic techniques and methods of SCENAR application.

‘One of the most important areas in which we are engaged in the MasterSlukh network is the rehabilitation and habilitation of children with hearing impairments. These are children of different ages: one-year-old babies who were born with hearing pathologies and are preparing for cochlear implantation (cochlear implantation is performed in patients with bilateral deafness or profound hearing loss, a device is placed in the cochlea of the inner ear. The implant sends electrical impulses to the auditory centres of the brain, which perceive them as speech, music, sounds – ed. note), older children who have already undergone such an operation, children who wear hearing aids to hear. To learn to understand the speech of other people, they first learn to analyze sounds, learn the meaning of many words, the rules for combining them into sentences. This requires special classes with a teacher of the deaf, speech therapist and lifelong observation of a teacher of the deaf. This whole complex is called “hearing and speech rehabilitation”. We help children acquire a new skill that needs to be trained and improved for a long time. And this is where the SCENAR technique will help us a lot. We hope that it will help us to improve the effectiveness of rehabilitation and the results of correction of hearing-speech, speech and associated disorders’, – noted audiologist, Dr. Irina Grebenyuk Ph.D.

Presently, the technique can only be used by specialists from the MasterSlukh network of medical centres. Shortly, it is planned to make an adapted version for external training through the “Institute of Hearing and Speech”. The method will be supplemented with the results and data that specialists will receive in the process of working with control groups of patients.

Also, the company “MasterSlukh” has developed its evaluation of rehabilitation effectiveness. The company’s specialists are going to collect valuable data in the coming months.

All results will be included in research work, which is now being carried out by Dr. Irina Grebenyuk.

As physiologist Dr. Boris Kulizhsky explained, in this method SCENAR is used to influence the pathogenesis of certain disorders, to consolidate the effects of corrective pedagogical influence. This results from the stimulation of neuronal plasticity and synchronization of the nervous system.

The technique is structured as a combination of several modules, which the specialist determines and includes in the course of general hearing and speech rehabilitation on his own.

* Continuing Professional Education Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

November 15, 2021

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