SCENAR success during Medical Week 2019, Baden-Baden, Germany

The 53rd International medical exhibition Medical week successfully took its place in Baden-Baden, Germany. This year it hosted such companies as AIRNERGY international GmbH, AMS GmbH Advanced Medical Systems, Labor Dr. Bayer im synlab MVZ Leinfelden GmbH, Biomedicine Trading GmbH, etc.

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 Overall, there were more than 200 companies represented, including, the medical research laboratories from the majority of European countries.
This is already the third Medical Week in which RITM OKB ZAO is taking participation along with other well-known companies. Our products attracted interest of not only guests, but also business partners.
It is obvious that the awareness of German society of SCENAR grows every year. There are more and more SCENAR users and thankful customers visiting our booth every year eager to learn about new device features and developments in SCENAR therapy.
In Baden-Baden we received a lot of positive, sometimes even fantastic feedback on SCENAR devices. Many people also highly rated the ULM products, saying that they do a great job in relaxation.
Besides the exhibition itself, there were more than 300 seminars and lectures that took place in Medical Week.

December 8, 2019

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