SCENAR capabilities presented at the congress in Suzdal

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The traditional annual national congress of audiologists and the international symposium “Modern problems of physiology and pathology of hearing” were held in Suzdal for the 9th time, on September 21-23. Every year, professionals working with hearing impairments and ear diseases gather here to discuss the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of hearing impairments.

 Dr. Irina Grebenyuk, Ph.D. in medical science, audiologist-otorhinolaryngologist and medical advisor of the MasterSlukh company, made a presentation on the topic “Application of SCENAR in the complex therapy of hearing-speech disorders”. In her speech, she reported on the best practices and her own experience of using SCENAR as part of the complex medical and pedagogical rehabilitation of patients with hearing impairments, speech impairments and complex impairments of various etiologies.

To recap, this is a unique author’s technique, which was developed by request of the CPE ANCO* “Institute of Hearing and Speech”. The authors of the method – Dr. Irina Grebenyuk Ph.D. and Dr. Boris Kulizhsky, RITM OKB ZAO physiologist.

The method is based on the principle of neuro-myostimulation, which consolidates and enhances the effect of special corrective pedagogical influence in the process of hearing and speech rehabilitation.

Now we are at the start. Everything that formed the basis of the method is not only the medical theory but also the experience of our specialists. They made a lot of valuable comments in the process of work, everything that is stated “on paper” has been worked out in practice. We get very interesting results, as always, when we start something new. I am sure that it will be even more interesting with time; there is a lot of work to be done, the development of the method already as part of complex rehabilitation programs and the collection of data.

I want to say a special thank you to my colleagues who very warmly and with interest accepted the topic of my speech and my work. I think with their support we can achieve good results. – noted Dr. Irina Grebenyuk, Ph.D. of medical sciences, the audiologist.

* Continuing Professional Education Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

November 15, 2021

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