SCENAR for Equine

$350.00 per 365 days



The Professional SCENAR Training Course – EQUINE covers the basic protocols in using the professional SCENAR device for use in Equine SCENAR treatment.

The course covers topics and protocols such as: Equine Anatomy, Post race inflammation treatment, Equine SCENAR protocols, Equine TCM Meridian Therapy, Pre-performance treatment, Beneficial Zones of treatment, Equine conditions and their treatment, Case studies and much more.

A prerequisite to this course is the foundation course in SCENAR technology and application or the Level 1 Professional SCENAR course. This course addresses basic knowledge and application for Equine therapy.

For those wanting to practice and specialise in Equine SCENAR Therapy, a further advanced training course and case study submissions will be required to become an accredited practitioner.

Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS “Now that I have a mobile thermal imaging camera, I am seeing the higher issues that I have previously been finding using the Scenar device (which detects and treats problem areas using electrical impulses). The beauty of both these techniques together is that one confirms the other, and with Scenar I also have the ability to treat any high muscle issues in combination with treating any lower leg injuries to get the horse back in training in double quick time with a reduced risk of re-injury.”


(In the first thermal imaging picture above you can see the increased temperature in the gluteal region shown by the white areas. Post SCENAR treatment this area has reduced in size and intensity as seen in the second picture.)


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