New SCENAR Electrodes

We are pleased to advise that we added four more shungite electrodes to our product range:

PR-SH-SSPH30 Shungite attachments Mini-spheres –30mm . Handle is not included


  • Lymphatic drainage – general, in the underarms, legs, under knees;
  • Sciatica pain relief (sit on it, between the knees, behind the knees);
  • Reflexology, rolling the sphere with a foot;
  • Hold in the hands (topographic projection of major organs).

* Handles are sold separately


PR-SH-CYL120 Shungite Cylinders attachments –230x12mm with snap-on contacts (requires 2 way lead PRA-L-2W)


  • Lymphatic drainage;
  • Breast lift technique;
  • Muscle stimulation of large muscle groups;
  • Holding in the hands or rolling with the feet for the Full-Body Tune-Up;
  • Paravertebral application for autotomic nervous system balancing and spinal misalignments;
  • Chakra opening and balancing.

*  23mm cylinders do not require handles (snap-on contacts)


PR-SH-PL5X5 Shungitte-plates – 0.8cm x 5cm x 5cm

BEST FOR: Prolonged treatment of large body areas


PR-SH-PL5X10 Shungitte-plates – 1cm x 5cm x 10cm

BEST FOR: Prolonged treatment of large body areas


April 12, 2016

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