Interview with Dr. Viktor Zadyorin

Interview with Dr. Viktor Zadyorin for RITM OKB ZAO 40th Anniversary Journal.

Dr. Viktor Zadyorin, MD is an oncologist-urologist, andrologist, sexologist, and professor of Rostov Research Institute of Oncology (Russia). He works with SCENAR for more than 20 years and has vast experience in treating acute and chronic pain in oncourological patients. He has got the practical evidence of the anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects of SCENAR therapy in cancer patients.

Q: Why did you start doing SCENAR therapy? How did it influence you?

A: 30 years ago one of my colleagues told me that he uses a SCENAR device in the combined treatment, and added that it was invented in Taganrog. Soon after that, he invited me to a SCENAR therapy seminar. I asked to give me a SCENAR device for only one day. On the same day, a bee stung my wife. There was edema of about 2 centimeters in diameter with the pronounced skin redness and pain. I applied the SCENAR to the painful area, set the comfortable energy and kept for 20 minutes until the pain was completely gone. The skin restored its normal colour, the edema decreased significantly, and in the very center of it, I saw the sting itself, which I removed. That was when I said, “I believe in SCENAR”!
Soon I purchased a device for myself and now I always take it with me no matter where I go. No wonder that SCENAR users have a saying: “SCENAR is a fast aid in your pocket”.

Q: You are an oncologist, urologist, and andrologist. Could you please tell us how SCENAR is used in your practice?

A: We studied the phenomena of SCENAR therapy effects on the human body: anti-pain, antiedemic, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic, immunomodulatory, detoxification, regulation of damaged tissue regeneration, forming of antistress adaptation reactions of the body, etc. As a multi-level self-regulating functional system, our body reacts to a pathogenic stimulus with the reactions that can restore the function of a pathologically changed organ or system, if there are enough energy reserves of the body. SCENAR helps our body gain additional energy and utilize it.

My experience in using SCENAR therapy in acute or chronic pain syndrome in oncourological patients (more than 200 people) showed that:
• SCENAR relieves acute pain for an indefinite period of time at various locations of the tumour and its metastases.
• Obtaining significant pain relief effect in case of chronic pain demands several treatment sessions (3 to 7, sometimes more).
• Combination of painkillers and SCENAR therapy enhances and accelerates the analgesic effect.
• SCENAR therapy can be used in oncological patients with some forms of the acute pain syndrome of non-oncogenic etiology.
• The duration of the analgesic effect cannot be predicted, but it occurs in 83% of cancer patients (in varying degrees).

Q: Could you please tell us about some particular case from your practice?

A: Sure. In Rostov Oncological Institute we had a patient with recurrent colonic obstruction and pronounced pain syndrome. He had an obstruction for more than 24 hours. Abdominal distention, tenderness to palpation, dry skin, and dry tongue covered with white reddish coat. He was so weak he was not able to move. The attempt to solve intestinal paresis with medications and siphon cleansing enema had failed. The patient was planned for diagnostic laparotomy (abdomen opening), but he refused.

I suggested a SCENAR therapy session: “three pathways” and treatment of the large intestine and liver projection (these areas were the most painful), and also the treatment of the palms area (Su Jok points). We used individually-dosed and subjectively-dosed modes. The treatment took one hour. During the treatment “stickiness points” appeared in different areas.

45 minutes after the procedure the paresis was gone. The examination revealed the sigmoid colon cancer, complicated by the large bowel obstruction. The patient went through surgery and is still alive 25 years after.

Q: So should SCENAR become a common doctor’s tool like stethoscope or tonometer?

A: Every doctor who believes in SCENAR efficiency should have this device at least for keeping his family and himself healthy. SCENAR therapy is successfully combined with the conventional treatment standards, and increases the positive result of any treatment method!

Q: How do you appraise the prospects of SCENAR therapy development in your country and worldwide?

A: Sooner or later, all the great things spread all over the world. Russia, as the country where SCENAR was invented, should contribute to the spread of this treatment miracle both here and abroad.

Q: Do you agree that every family should have at least a home SCENAR device?

A: SCENAR can serve as a first aid to any family, any company, it can be used in any situation. This device is the best friend of all chronic patients since it is always at hand. Anyone who mastered the basic SCENAR therapy techniques can provide first aid.

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RITM OKB ZAO are celebrating their 40th Anniversary
April 27, 2020

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