FREE Webinar Reflex Electro Therapy with SCENAR
Presented by Mila Royale Godwill BSc (Hons)

Understanding the basis of SCENAR with reflex electro therapy

07 March 7.00 pm Sydney Time

Lets look at what the experts with Years of experience that have been accumulated by specialists of the world have say about reflex electro therapy.

The question arises: what is the reason for such a ambigious and growing interest in the problems of reflex electro therapy in our day, in the age of nuclear energy, electronics & quantum?

Some might say how can SCENAR help with with reflex zones? Can it really help with our overall general well being?

It can be argued that this method, which emerged about 4,000 years ago, yes that is right with reflex zone therapy, has not been forgotten and has been further developed on the basis of modern knowledge and scientific achievements due to its effectiveness. In 1976 the Ministry of Health of the USSR organized in Moscow the Central Research Institute of Reflexology, which then became a methodical center of scientific research on the theory and practice of reflexology. This institute was headed by a major neurophysiologist Professor R. A. Durinyan.

We now know that life is full of ups and downs, the body is in constant adaptation, to the external environments.  This is both in a way chemical and physical adaptation.

There are now increased interest and many other ways through the help of technology we can monitor other ways to  influence the organism in order to adapt more fully to our increasingly complex environment.

With the help of SCENAR it is possible to influence the somatic vegative system functions of the body and thus activate (stimulate) physiological adaptive systems.

There are lots of scientifically-supported techniques that can help us boost our health with electro therapy.

Join the Live Q & A
Mila Godwill with a BSc Hons science background from London, over 16 years’ experience in scenar, trainer, specialised kinesiology lecturer speaks the effects SCENAR on our body and the energetic structures

February 26, 2021

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  1. Dear Scenar friends,

    I just discovered that you offer free webinars for the scenar devices and I would like to join the free webinar tomorrow 7. march 7pm to reflex electro therapy with the scenar. I cannot register… is there a possibility to do that ?

    I would love to hear from you.
    With best regards Elfriede from Germany

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