Dose 5 – Professional Course

D5 or Dose 5 is the mode accessed on the SCENAR Professional devices that measure and assess the reaction/responsiveness of the bodies meridians. In this SCENAR D5 course you will learn how take readings on your SCENAR professional devices that have the D5 mode.

You will also learn:

  • The 24 meridian points on where to take the readings.
  • How to correctly take the readings.
  • How to deduce the readings from the SCENAR meridian readings from the SCENAR Display Graph and table.
  • Recommended treatments from SCENAR training.
  • You will also learn how to integrate Dose 5 into your practice.
  • Which areas to treat.
  • How to accelerate chronic symptoms that could need meridian balance.

Dates to be advised depending on numbers & COVID 19 updates. 

Live training @ Gold Coast

2 Days $990 or 1 days $590


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Mila Godwill BSc (Hons) AJP Dip Sp GD 

With over 15 years experience in SCENAR and Specialised Kinesiology.

Has lectured London UK, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, UAE, other parts of the world.  Her wealth of experience includes helping war victims children’s and families on a voluntary basis during 2007. 

SCENAR RITM OKB trained by Dr Irina Ershova, Dr Boris Kulizhskiy, Dr Jor Prinz

October 4, 2020

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