SCENAR Meridian Stretch Technique

Welcome to the SCENAR Meridian Stretch Technique (SMST) online program. The SMST is a revolutionary treatment technique developed by the …



Welcome to the SCENAR Meridian Stretch Technique (SMST) online program.

The SMST is a revolutionary treatment technique developed by the Japanese SCENAR master practitioner and Naturopath Toshi Kobayashi. 

The technique combines the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the SCENAR technology. Each meridian is treated with SCENAR and stretched at the same time providing instant pain relief, increased mobility and clearance of blockages. Easy to understand and implement the course is suitable for both beginners and professionals, with or without basic knowledge in TCM.

The online course includes information about the meridians, where and how to treat with a SCENAR device and short videos showing the stretch technique for each of the meridians. It is a one year subscription that provides access to the course and the forum with unlimited number of logins.

A printed manual is also included and will be posted within 48 hours after the payment.

Toshi Kobayashi


Human Health Sciences (Naturopathic): Bachelor HSc.ND
Flower Essences: Master Holistic counsellor
RITM SCENAR: Master class
Australia Life Academy Wild Flower Essences: Japan Senior Lecturer
Eyeology (Iridology Sclerology diagnosis): Certificate ll
Clinical Acupuncture: Post Graduate Diploma
Massage: Certificate lV (instructor at TAFE)
Trigger Point Therapy: (instructor at TAFE)
Aromatherapy: Diploma
Herbal therapy: Diploma
Kinesiology: Certificate ll
Instructor in Yin harmonization Therapy
Director of the Wild Flower Therapist Association
Council Member of the International society of personalized Medicine
NPO, integrative medicine Health Promotion Association (IMHS) Advisor
Member of the Society of Integrative Medicine Doctors


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  1. From Cape Town


    This course has helped me grow my business into a whole new area. Clients have felt great results from the SMST. A lady with degenerative nodal osteoarthritis is far more mobile now and almost pain free from SMST after her regular scenar treatment. She could hardly bend or stretch and now doing so well. Another client who does a lot of gym and very muscular finds great results from the stretch meridian – so it is amazing for sporty people!!! Another client has stopped using his chronic ventilate inhaler after 2 SMST treatments. these are just a few of the positive results i have had from clients. I am thrilled to have completed this course and now signing up for more. Many thanks also for the prompt replies to my queries. Warm wishes Linda Bennett

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