Course Curriculum

Comparison between SCENAR and other methods of electrotherapy. Why SCENAR is universal? 00:40:00
Physiotherapeutic application of SCENAR 07:00:00
Stroke and Brain injuries 00:38:00
Dose 5 application 01:47:00
Complex Medical Histories: Musculoskeletal Imbalances – Cancer and a compromised Lymph System. 01:06:00
Building Your Business Successfully 01:03:00
How do we structure treatment sessions effectively, what protocols to use when, the gift of 3+6 01:20:00
Differences between Dose 1, Dose 2, Dose 3 and Dose 4 00:26:00
Better Pain Management and Successes with SCENAR 01:02:00
New Effective Techniques to Produce Fast Results Treating the Most Common Condition You Will see in Your Clinic – Back Pain! 01:20:00
The energetic therapeutic application of D5 how to treat pain, application treatment of meridians with SCENAR and alarm points, an introduction to the energetic structure of the body 00:57:00
SCENAR Electrodes Overview 00:18:00
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