Course Curriculum

Conference Oppening FREE 00:00:00
10 Years RITM Australia, Elly Tomova FREE 00:00:00
Cancer Pain Management_Dr. V. Lopatko 00:00:00
SCENAR – contraindications and cautions, D. V. Lopatko 00:00:00
What is Dose 5, Dr. B. Kulizhsky FREE 00:00:00
SCENAR therapy efficiency in combined treatment of the pain syndrome in children with tubular bone fractures_Dr. Y. Perfilyev FREE 00:00:00
How and when to apply SCENAR attachments, L. Salmon 00:00:00
Universal pain relief algorithms, Dr. V. Lopatko 00:00:00
Taking an integrated approach to get the best outcome with SCENAR Therapy, M. Butler 00:00:00
Dose 5, Dr. B. Kulizhsky 00:00:00
RITM SCENAR – superior technology over other electro-therapies, Dr. B. Kulizhsky FREE 00:42:00
SCENAR Applications on animals, V. Payne 00:00:00
SCENAR Meridian Stretch Technique, Dr. T. Kobayashi 00:00:00
SCENAR therapy in common pediatric diseases, Dr. Y. Perfilyev 00:00:00
Muscle Balance using circuit locating and SCENAR, A. Heiskari 00:00:00
SCENAR Pitfalls and ways to address them, V. Payne 00:00:00
SCENAR for Cardio-vascular and neurological disorders, Dr. V. Lopatko 00:00:00
Facial Rejuvenation with SCENAR, Dr. B. Kulizhsky 00:00:00
Biological mechanisms of SCENAR applications and consequences for treatments of chronic complaints, Dr. J. Prinz 01:40:00
How to establish a successful SCENAR business, Dr. P. Zafir 00:00:00
SCENAR Award Ceremony FREE 00:00:00
Respiratory Issues, B. Rooks 00:00:00
SCENAR for Performance Enhancement, Dr. B. Kulizhsky 01:10:00
RITM OKB news, new developments, plans for the future – Dr. B. Kulizhsky FREE 00:00:00
Physiology and SCENAR therapy efficiency. Local SCENAR therapy effect on peripheral blood, Dr. B. Kulizhsky FREE 00:00:00
My Journey with SCENAR, A. Thompson FREE 00:00:00
Syndrome approach in SCENAR therapy, Dr. V. Lopatko 00:00:00
Complex approach to treatment of Myopia in school-age children, Dr. Y. Perfilyev 00:00:00
Conference Close 00:00:00
2017 SCENAR Conference Summary FREE 00:00:00
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