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RITM Australia Training Web site is designed to provide affordable, easy access to RITM SCENAR therapy protocols, information about RITM SCENAR seminars and also to serve as a central web location for news and information about SCENAR technology.

All online courses are interactive, easy to follow and include multimedia components such as audio and videos.

Each online course has its own forum where trainee can ask as many questions as they need and interact with peers. Our experienced Certified SCENAR Trainers will answer your question quickly and professionally.

We have developed Quizes for the Professional online training for each of the modules. This will help us asses your knowledge in SCENAR.

Once the trainee passes all quizzes a Certificate of Online Training will be issued. With this Certificate the trainee is eligible to attend our 2 days live Training Course for Level 1.


If you an Experienced SCENAR Practitioner, member of STAA or any other Professional SCENAR Association and are interested in creating your own Specialist SCENAR training, please contact us for more details.





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